The Runtrapel commitment to sustainablility.

Here at Runtrapel we have a serious commitment to ethical production and sustainability. Our Running attire is created by using synthetic waste such as industrial and waste plastic, which is recycled and regenerated into affordable running gear.

We’re proud to be giving something back…

Runtrapel gives 1.5% of its profits to The Rainforest Trust UK.


The Runtrapel range of sportswear has been developed from recycled and
sustainable sources where possible. 

Sustainability is important to us. That’s why we’re always looking at ways to produce our running clothing in the most sustainable way possible. Our sportswear is proudly made with 100% recycled polyester.


It’s relatively easy to explain in three, simple steps.


Pre-consumer fibre waste and post-consumer plastics are collected, gathered and bound together to be dispatched.


The collected plastic is then sent to a factory, and converted with a unique process that reformulates plastic as a recycled resin.


The byproduct, tens of thousands of recycled resin chips, are then extruded and textured, and put on a roll as polyester yarn.